Gaurav Srivastava

Dr. Gaurav Srivastava
CEO & Founder

Gaurav Srivastava is the founder and CEO of AVT. With 15 years of ERP Consulting, Implementation, Business Process Automation and Integration experience, Gaurav is skilled at providing System Advisory, Digital Transformation Strategy and Solution consulting to AVT clients. Gaurav is passionate about working with organisations to help with systems to manage People, Process and Technology. Gaurav has personally consulted with over 500 business improvement/IT projects and assisted our client’s C-Suite and Business Managers to achieve business transformation objectives.

Gaurav is also the product director of AVT SuiteApps for NetSuite and AVT NetSuite Education and Training programs and holds a PhD and a Bachelor of Computer Engineering with Honours. Besides keeping himself updated with Systems and Technology, Gaurav is currently a student of Psychology and Marketing and is interested in the consumption of Technology to help improve business productivity, growth and competitiveness.

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