Jerome Clothiers – Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce Case Study

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Jerome Clothiers is an innovative online ordering solution for tailor-made Suits, Trousers, Shirts and more. Developed on the NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Platform, the Solution provides streamlined end-to-end order entry in a product configuration style functionality for Tailors.

Solution Overview
  • Manage Client profiles: Tailors are able to log in and create/search new profiles for their customers.
  • Create Orders: Tailors are able to select a fabric and raise an order for a Suit, Trouser and Shirts.
  • Capture Measurements and Fit Profiles: Tailor is able to enter detailed measurements of a Suit, Trouser and Shirt using a product configurator which guides them through the order entry process.
  • Order Management: Orders are raised in the NetSuite ERP platform with the product configuration details.


  • Users are able to check the Order/Purchase History and print and email orders.
  • Tailors are able to see the current stock list and progress of current orders
  • Tailors are able to manage the client profiles and their fit profiles

Product Configuration 

  • Tailors are presented with a pre-configured wizard to assist with Order Entry
  • The wizards are intuitively designed to work with different product types
  • Tailors are able to match a piece of fabric with the Fit Profiles

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