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Business Reporting and Analytics

Insight, agility and innovation fuels your business every day. And it’s what makes Oracle NetSuite the right choice for your ERP platform. As your business grows, so does the data you rely on. You need a better path to business insights. AVT Analytics Cloud extends your NetSuite reporting to all of your other data sources, so you can make better, data-informed business decisions.

What is Business Reporting and Analytics?

NetSuite Can Maximize The Success Of Cloud Business Transformation

Reporting is “the process of organizing data into informational summaries in order to monitor how different areas of a business are performing.”

Measuring core metrics and presenting them — whether in an email, a slide-deck, or online dashboard — falls under this category.

Analytics is “the process of exploring data and reports in order to extract meaningful insights, which can be used to better understand and improve business performance.”

Analysis & Documentation of Business Requirements

Development of Data Model/Cube or Business Reporting

Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting Models

Mapping of Income Statement, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Models

Development of Data Entry forms

Mapping of the Board Pack

Development of Reports

Implementation of KPIs, Reports and Dashboards

Where does NetSuite come into the picture in terms of Reporting and Analytics?

NetSuite Analytics & Reporting BI Tools gives you the right metrics based on accurate analysis so that you can be confident that the choices you make for your business are supported by reliable information

Eliminate your IT Dependency

Empower business users to build the reports they need in minutes with the Excel skills they already have. A library of pre-built, turnkey content makes reporting across all NetSuite modules fast and effortless.

Gain More Insights from NetSuite Data

Easily drill from summary to balances, journals, and sub-ledgers to find and fix reconciliation and data integrity issues immediately. With near real-time integration, you’ll have access to up-to-date, accurate information for all your month-end close needs.

Simplify Complex NetSuite Reporting Tasks

Create accurate, up-to-date reports for a prior period without relying on snapshotted data or multiple data dumps. Easily produce period-on-period analysis reports (e.g., month-by-month balance sheets) and refresh them in seconds. View all of your information, joined across any number of NetSuite data elements, in a single place.

NetSuite Analytics and Reporting Benefits

Get Up and Running Faster. Prebuilt reports, role-based dashboards and KPIs are based on industry-leading practices

Make Better Decisions Secure, self-service capabilities deliver information to analysts and decision-makers without relying on IT

More Efficient Reporting. A central database reduces the time needed to consolidate and reconcile information

Why does your company need it?

One System For Your Entire Company

With reduced manual and labor costs, digital transformation brings about enhanced productivity and customer experience for your business. Digital technologies such as Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are changing the dynamics of today’s businesses. And these are reshaping your existing enterprises positively.

The Cloud Advantages

Companies now choose cloud computing for several different reasons, such as reduced implementation cost, agility, wider customization scope, less reliance on IT hardware, etc. Let’s have a quick look at these cloud advantages in the context of ERP systems.

The Cloud is Having a Measurable Impact on Business


Average improvement in time to market


Average increase in company growth


Average increase in process efficiency


Average reduction in operational costs


Average reduction in IT spending


Average reduction in IT maintenance cost

Responsive, Fast-paced and Quality Deployments

We also ensure completing Systems integration with existing systems and tools in a fast-paced manner while thoroughly taking care of all the possible challenges and glitches. Our rapid and meticulous integration service ensures offering the best results within a stipulated time frame and budget.

Raising The Bar Of Integration Expertise

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Why Talk to AVT about ERP & CRM Implementation?

The ultimate performance of our Business relies on Systems Integration. AVT has been a trusted ERP partner for 15+ Years, and you can take full advantage of our experience and profit from hundreds of completed implementations, hundreds and thousands of man-hours. Utilising repeatable processes that have been perfected and tested in the field will cut your deployment time and reduce errors. We have an experienced and innovative consulting team who align with your company, users and departments by following a proven road map:


Identify objectives, assess risk and establish deliverables


Design the appropriate solution and create an overall project plan


Establish a change-control process, a communication strategy and an issue-management process


Ensure a complete transition plan is in place from our team to yours

6 Steps Into ERP

Expert guidance to help you find the Digital Solution that is right for your unique business

AVT 6 Easy steps into ERP Process

Contact AVT by completing Step 1 and get started on your company Digital Transformation now

We Can Help You!

Be at any stage of your Transformation Journey, AVT can guide you from everything from:

Advisory & Technology Road-mapping, Systems Integration, Deployment, Training, Support and Business Improvements


What AVT Customers Say


“AVT were chosen to implement NetSuite for the TASKA Group over other implementers after it became obvious they had excellent manufacturing experience, quickly understood the TASKA business and particular custom functionality required and had the skills to deliver in a tight timeframe. In addition their methodology of training key users before implementation began and then allowing the organisation to perform the implementation with their guidance and support was key in obtaining user buy-in and acceptance of NetSuite. This methodology allowed the Group to go-live with a far higher level of competence than would have otherwise been achieved in such a short timeframe. Post go-live support has been outstanding, with queries promptly responded to and dealt with. I would thoroughly recommend AVT for any NetSuite implementation where the organisation wants to take ownership of their ERP and extract maximum benefit from it.”

Taska - AVT Customers

“Before implementing Netsuite, Fulton Industries Australia operated three non-integrated systems for our financial, inventory and sales management. This meant double entering information and cross checking that information was up to date before any reporting could take place. We engaged Absolute Vision technologies (AVT) for Netsuite training, implementation and support which has shown immediate benefit across all areas of the business. We no longer have to reconcile information from different systems, we have up to date data on our Netsuite dashboards which AVT help design and implement. We are now more efficient on responding to our customer enquiries and have less cumbersome, more streamline business processes.”

Fulton - AVT Customers

“Prior to NetSuite, Street Furniture Australia (SFA), had information kept in silos, reconciling data was a daily exercise and reporting on the business was slow and cumbersome. Implementing NetSuite with Absolute Vision Technologies (AVT) gave SFA realtime information about our Customers and our operational manufacturing capabilities. Having access to real-time information has led us to make better business decisions in a timely manner. NetSuite and AVT have allowed us to streamline our processes so we can continue to invest into R&D and keep innovating on the Products we love.”

Street Furniture Australia - AVT Customers

ERP Case studies

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