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AVT SmartFreight Shipping Management SuiteApp for NetSuite

With over 650+ global carriers integrated worldwide, ideal for companies looking to streamline shipping, dispatch and customer service

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Shipping Integration and Automation SuiteApp for NetSuite

AVT SmartFreight Outbound Shipping

Price, Book and Consign your Carriers in NetSuite using AVT SmartFreight SuiteApp

Multi-Carrier Shipping and Dispatch Solution ideal for customers with 50 – 3000 deliveries per day

Solution Benefits

No two journeys are the same. But now you’ll always know what to expect

1. Streamline shipping and dispatch operations across your business and improve customer service

2. Reduce shipping errors and improve productivity

3. Increase order processing capacity and accuracy

4. Estimate accurate shipping pricing at Quotes and Orders in NetSuite

5. Manage multiple carriers effectively in NetSuite

6. Consolidate Carrier and Connotes in one single place in NetSuite

7. Track and Reconcile Freight Spend more accurately in NetSuite

8. Provide accurate delivery status updates to your customers

9. Manage returns back to the warehouse with ease

Integrated with over 200 Australian Carriers


Functionality and Automations pre-packaged in the SuiteApp

The AVT NetSuite SmartFreight integration connects SmartFreight Multi-Carrier Shipping automation platform for Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing companies with NetSuite

Ability to estimate shipping costs and carriers options on the Sales Order and Item Fulfillment records

Real-time booking of carrier consignments from Sales Order and Item Fulfillment records

Import of consignment directly from Orders and Transfers

Multi-Consignment Fulfilment Tracking on Sales Order

Unlimited package template options with Length, Width, Height and Weight inputs

Select ‘Least Cost’ estimate on Sales Order and Item Fulfilment

Select ‘Fastest Cost’ estimate on Sales Order and Item Fulfilment

Auto Calculate package weight and cubic based on Item selection on the Sales Order

Automatic realtime printing of shipping labels

Manage ‘Pick up’ orders scenario

Manage Shipping with multi-location setup in NetSuite

Manage Shipping with OneWorld setup in NetSuite

Setup and manage multiple Senders and personalized delivery email notification by Sender

CRM Email Tracking on the following objects Sales Order, Item Fulfilment and Customer record

Manage Shipping on Transfer orders

Manage Shipping Preference on Customers

Track booking data through personalized customer portal (Requires IFS Track for Transports)

Track delivery event data real-time in Netsuite (Requires IFS Enterprise extra charges apply )

Use receiver and third party accounts for managing shipping charge allocations

Manage Free In Store (FIS) delivery option scenario

Freight Cost Estimation and Cost Comparison on Quote, Sales Order and Fulfillment Records - ( Requires IFS Online Service Enabled)

Manage Tail Gate and Over-length Estimates more accurately

We have over 650 carriers integrated worldwide

Below is a sample list of the key couriers that SmartFreight is compliant with today

Integrated with Main New Zealand Carriers


Integrated with Main UK & Ireland Carriers


AVT Webinar: Streamline your shipping and Dispatch Operations with AVT SmartFreight Solutions for Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom

FREE Webinar presented by AVT


Streamline your shipping and Dispatch Operations with AVT SmartFreight Solutions for Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom

This webinar will explain how AVT SmartFreight Shipping solutions can be deployed to allow businesses to estimate shipping and manage dispatch bookings and tracking within NetSuite on transactions.

Some of the benefits for organisations:

  • Provide Real-time Shipping options for Dispatch over multiple locations
  • Provide integrated connote tracking for customers
  • Provide Automated printing of labels at the warehouse locations
  • Online consignment tracking for end users

The Webinar will cover:

  • Overview of the functionality
  • Solution benefits
  • Demo of the out of box processes
  • Q&A

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Understanding SmartFreight

What is SmartFreight?

does SmartFreight manages Shipping Needs?

AVT has over 15 years of success with over 1000+ business & process improvements

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NetSuite Interface

• Dashboard
• Reporting

AVT Container Management for NetSuite Dashboard
AVT Container Management for NetSuite Report
Built for Oracle NetSuite

Built for NetSuite

AVT SmartFreight Shipping Management SuiteApp integration has been submitted to be certified by NetSuite as “Built for NetSuite” which ensures that AVT SmartFreight Shipping Management integration meets the highest standards of security, data integrity and overall quality.


Flat Annual Fee

Enjoy peace of mind with AVT SmartFreight Shipping Management transparent flat-rate annual pricing.

Flat Annual Fee

Enjoy peace of mind with AVT SmartFreight Shipping Management transparent flat-rate annual pricing.

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We help companies get ahead
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