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AVT Fixed Assets SuiteApp is a preferred solution due to its simplicity and extensibility to implement and meet the functional requirements of the business.

Solution Features

AVT Fixed Assets Module features:

The AVT Fixed assets management SuiteApp provides integrated asset creation, tracking, depreciation schedule forecasting & processing including book based depreciation schedules, CIP, Asset Disposals (Full, partial or Impairments).

Asset depreciation schedules can be put on Hold for periods and cumulative postings can be generated when they put back into service. There is a QR and label printing automation for labelling assets and tracking information on assets using online forms/landing pages which allows secure access and updates on inputting assets related data.

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Solution Benefits

Impacts to the business:

1. Integrated Asset Tracking and Reporting

2. Integrated Depreciation for Accounting and Tax Books

3. Meet audit and compliance

4. Improve productivity and efficiency of the Finance and Operations teams

Functionality and Automations Included in Scope

Improve Productivity and Reduce Operational cost with automations


1. Fixed Asset record, easily extendable to suit your reporting needs

2. Automate the creation of Assets from Vendor Bills

3. Automate the creation of Assets from Journals and/or CSV import

4. Automate the creation of Assets from Item Receipts

5. Generate Barcode labels from Asset Record

6. Automate Printing of Labels (using our printing integration)

7. Automate QR code for online access and forms for record keeping data


1. Automate the linkage of Assets depreciation methods from Asset category

2. Bulk Generation of Asset Depreciation schedules based on depreciation methods ( Straight Line, Reducing Balance, Double Declining Balance) and convention (Mid Month, Half Year)

3. Bulk Posting of the Depreciations to the Ledger

4. Setting up Accounting Book Based Depreciation for Management, GDS, AMT and Tax Books ( This required Multi-Book/Adjustment-Book to be enabled) to allow for Alternate Tax Depreciation Methods and integrated GL reporting

5. Feature to putting Depreciation Schedules Generation and Posting on hold for specific assets.

6. Managing Construction in Progress (CIP) and putting assets into service on specific dates


1. Automate the creation of Asset Disposals

2. Managing Disposals – Full, Partial and Impairments

3. Bulk Posting of Asset Disposals to the Ledger

4. Auto Generation of Disposal Invoice from the Disposal Record


1. Fixed Asset record, easily extendable to suit your reporting needs

2. Reporting capital spend by project number

3. Reporting on depreciation and integration of depreciation posting with the GL

4. Roll Forward Reporting (Cost Roll-forward, Asset Reserve Roll-forward)

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Fixed Assets Management

• Fixed Asset Register
• Depreciation Settings
• Fixed Asset Depreciation Schedule
• Process Schedules Using Manual Selection
• Create Schedules by Month
• Fixed Assets Depreciation Report by Category
• Fixed Assets Depreciation Report for Tax
• Fixed Assets Depreciation Report for Tax (2)

AVT Fixed Assets - Fixed Asset Register
AVT Fixed Assets - Depreciation Settings
AVT Fixed Assets - Fixed Asset Depreciation Schedule
AVT Fixed Assets - Process Schedules Using Manual Selection
AVT Fixed Assets - Create Schedules by Month
AVT Fixed Assets - Fixed Assets Depreciation Report by Category
AVT Fixed Assets - Fixed Assets Depreciation Report for Tax
AVT Fixed Assets - Fixed Assets Depreciation Report for Tax 2
Built for Oracle NetSuite

Built for NetSuite

AVT Fixed Assets SuiteApp has been submitted to be certified by NetSuite as “Built for NetSuite” which ensures that Fixed Assets SuiteApp meets the highest standards of security, data integrity and overall quality.


Flat Annual Fee

Enjoy peace of mind with AVT Fixed Assets Management SuiteApp transparent flat-rate annual pricing.

Flat Annual Fee

Enjoy peace of mind with AVT Fixed Assets SuiteApp transparent flat-rate annual pricing.

AVT SuiteApps Australian Support

Worldwide Support

AVT Fixed Assets SuiteApp is developed in Australia and backed by Australian Support team.

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