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NetSuite SiteBuilder Vs NetSuite SuiteCommerce Comparison

Leveraging Integrated Systems: The Key to Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Reporting

Compare and contrast the capabilities of NetSuite SiteBuilder and SuiteCommerce Advanced, two robust e-commerce solutions from NetSuite. Explore the unique features, advantages, and suitability of each platform to help businesses make informed decisions about the best-fit solution for their specific e-commerce needs, whether it’s a simple website setup or a sophisticated, scalable online storefront.


As an Australia’s Leading NetSuite Solution Provider & Partner and Oracle Commerce Agency Program Member, we are often asked about the differences between NetSuite SiteBuilder module and SuiteCommerce Advanced. The article below outlines the key difference.

SuiteBuilder is the legacy eCommerce solution integrated to NetSuite without all the frills. It includes access to SSP application platform and free access to SuiteApps that you can install to add functionality to your webstore. NetSuite provides you with the functionality to run a webstore with prebuilt website templates, self-service account management, shopping cart and gateway functionality and shipping integrations.  SuiteBuilder module is limited, but it has everything you need to start selling in one complete commerce platform.

SuiteCommerce Advanced provides businesses with an optimal, robust omnichannel experience. SuiteCommerce Advanced offers a full-featured, omnichannel eCommerce solution enabling engagement on any device. It integrates email, social, web, and in-store campaigns seamlessly with unlimited webstore customizations and integration capabilities. As with all NetSuite commerce products, SuiteCommerce Advanced unifies eCommerce with inventory and order management, customer support and financials – providing a single view of the customer, orders, inventory and other critical business data.

Similarities between NetSuite SiteBuilder and SuiteCommerce Advanced

  • Both offer a unified, cloud-based e-commerce solution
  • Both offer support for multiple business models (B2C, B2B or even custom models)
  • Support for flexible customer payment options (including common payment gateways and invoicing based upon balance available and credit limits
  • Integration with shipping carriers (TOLL, AUSTRALIA POST etc via AVT SmartFreight)
  • Advanced pricing options including customer-based pricing, payment terms and credit limits
  • Real-time inventory management including online, per retail store and per warehouse
  • A 360-degree view of customers across retail, online and customer service points of contact
  • Support for advanced add-on modules like Checkout 2.0 and My Accounts that enhance the platform’s default customer experience
  • Support for global eCommerce operations with country-specific language, tax and currency options
  • Support for multiple web stores integrated with the same NetSuite backend

Where SuiteCommerce Advanced has an edge over Site Builder

Apart from the features that both platforms have in common, SuiteCommerce Advanced offers quite a lot of options that give it an edge over SiteBuilder, such as:

  • Pixel Perfect design control with full “can do anything” customization options
  • Sub-second response time when loading sites.
  • Enhanced site speed due to features like Single Page Application architecture and CDN Edge Caching.
  • Auto linking of Images using filename and attributes
  • Faceted Navigation, allows for setup and publishing of new filters on the navigation page creating an amazing browsing experience
  • Setup of colour swatches as Faceted navigation
  • Responsive web design for mobile and tablet-optimized sites
  • Advanced search – including fuzzy search and type-ahead search options and rapid and relevant results
  • Conversion best practices built-in
  • Improved browsing and product discoverability via facetted search automatic up-sell and cross-sell recommendations with dynamic merchandizing
  • Use of modern web technologies

Summary of Solution Benefits

  • Deploy a Digital experience around your customers integrated with your ERP solution
  • Mange b2b and b2c customer experience around access, Dashboard,customer-specific pricing, stock, documents, accounting and customer self-service data
  • Provide an interactive customer experience search and product attributes
  • Future proof your business with one solution that is Fully integrated within NetSuite and managed as a part of the ERP product
  • Provide real-time access to customer, product, stock and accounting data
  • Improve speed to service the customer and accuracy of real-time information

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