NetSuite Implementation and Deployment

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NetSuite Implementation Solutions

AVT applies its established implementation methodology to deploy solutions effectively. Based on this structured process with clearly defined phases ensures a successful, efficient and quality implementation. The approach can be tailored to suit the exact requirements of each client, and is documented and agreed by all parties at the project initiation. A structured framework that delineates the roles and responsibilities of both AVT and Client can be established by thoroughly understanding the project’s scope, objectives, activities, and resource needs. This fosters informed agreement on implementation procedures, ensuring a flawless and seamless NetSuite ERP implementation.

AVT Methodology

ERP Project Engagement consists of the following phases:

AVT Oracle NetSuite ERP Implementation and Deployment Phases

Initiate: Kick Off Project, Review deliverables and Plan Implementation Timelines

Analyse: Discover Map business requirements and Plan Deployment Strategy

Configure: Train and setup ERP to configure Process flows and data integration

Deploy: Get the system and users ready for Go Live

Optimise: Analyse, Plan and Deploy Improvements to meet future needs

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AVT Oracle NetSuite ERP Implementation and Deployment Phases

AVT Engagement Model

Understand Shared and Guided Implementation and Go Live in 100 Days

AVT provides the implementation using the Shared and Guided Implementation delivery models. In a Shared Implementation, the implementation work estimated and is shared between client and AVT resources. The project is estimated in phases and project plan is drafted and tracked through the lifecycle of the implementation. AVT used train the trainer approach to drive the delivery of the configurational aspects of the implementation.

In a Guided implementation, the client resources execute most of the work. The client is trained and guided through the implementation and AVT is provides assistance as needed in the capacity of the trainer. In a Guided Implementation, the client takes greater responsibility in configuring the system and meeting project timelines. Guided implementations tend have a less cash outlay than Shared implementations however may take longer as complete as the resources is limited to client resources and the resources need to overcome the learning curve related to the the new system.

AVT 100 day implementation plan

AVT NetSuite ERP Implementation Journey

AVT Offers an End-to-End Cloud Business Digital Transformation

Market Leading Integrated cloud business software to run your Business. Ideal for SMB Market for 20-250 Employees. Cross Vertical solution for Distribution, Manufacturing, Service and Software companies looking to streamline and scale business operations using one integrated database and cloud applications for business management. Used by 20,000+ companies globally.

AVT Training


Training users is key part of the implementation methodology and our enablement process. Our implementation staff will peform a number of trainings to help with the successful deployment of business systems within your organisation.

• Orientation Training:  Before the implementation progresses further, your staff will be taken through an Orientation training so they can understand key aspects of the system and terms.

Power User Training: Your key users will be trained on the out-of-the box systems aspects and processes including NetSuite Administration, Sales & CRM, Marketing Automation, Finance, AP, AR, Inventory and Warehousing, Data Importing and Reporting.

• End User Training : You may wish to engage AVT in performing End User Training. Typically the once the Power Users are trained and enabled they are able to perform the “End User” training themselves.

AVT Data Migration

Data Migration

This part of the project will be carried out in accordance with the data extraction and migration strategy. AVT will provide technical resources for data extraction assistance and provide templates for each data type to be migrated, and will advise the Customer on best practices for data consolidation and data planning. AVT will provide functional staff to assist the client. Client has the ultimate responsibility in approving data changes, consolidation, cleansing and making data import decisions.

AVT Data Migration
AVT Scope Management

Scope Management

In the event that the Customer or AVT requests a Change in any of the specifications, requirements, or scope. The party seeking the change shall, by written notice, propose the applicable changes. Each party’s Project Leads shall meet, either in person or via telephone conference, to discuss the proposed changes (“Change Meeting”). The parties must mutually agree on any such changes and the changes shall be documented, in writing, and signed by both parties. In some cases, a Change Request for additional funding may be required. In the event that the parties disagree about the proposed changes to the general scope, the parties shall, within one week from the date of the Change Meeting, identify a senior manager who has decision-making authority for each of the respective parties. The managers shall confer and work to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion that shall be documented, in writing, and signed by both parties.

AVT Go Live and Support

Go Live and Support

We take pride in providing our customers with expert support for all technical issues relating to NetSuite.

AVT offers Basic, Silver, Gold and Enterprise Support Packages to improve your company needs, no matter at what stage of implementation or company size. There’s always a package to suit your budget.

We have been helping Companies to Manage Successful NetSuite Cloud Based Business Practices and Solutions for more than 15 years, +1000 projects completed, and counting.

AVT Go Live and Support
AVT Risk and Governance

Risk and Governance

Every project has its risks. Taking the time to detail these upfront, and to monitor them during the implementation lifecycle will keep them visible, enabling the Client to actively manage them toward a positive outcome. The probability gives the risk context, while the impact is used to plan for the strategy that will neutralise the risk. To find out more details please request additional information from AVT.

Project governance is the management framework within which project decisions are made. Project governance is a critical element of any project since the accountabilities and responsibilities associated with an organisation’s business as usual (BAU) activities are laid down in their organisational governance arrangements. The role of project governance is to provide a decision making framework that is logical, robust and repeatable to govern an organisation’s capital investments. In this way, an organisation will have a structured approach to conducting both its business as usual activities and its business change, or project activities.

AVT NetSuite Funding


We offer funding the deployment using our financing program with Oracle NetSuite. The pragram is very attractive for our SMEs as they can finance the entire solution over the next 3-5 years. The customers need to go through a credit application assesment before financing is approved.

AVT NetSuite Funding

Why does your company need it?

One System For Your Entire Company

With reduced manual and labor costs, digital transformation brings about enhanced productivity and customer experience for your business. Digital technologies such as Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are changing the dynamics of today’s businesses. And these are reshaping your existing enterprises positively.

The Cloud Advantages

Companies now choose cloud computing for several different reasons, such as reduced implementation cost, agility, wider customization scope, less reliance on IT hardware, etc. Let’s have a quick look at these cloud advantages in the context of ERP systems.

The Cloud is Having a Measurable Impact on Business


Average improvement in time to market


Average increase in company growth


Average increase in process efficiency


Average reduction in operational costs


Average reduction in IT spending


Average reduction in IT maintenance cost

Responsive, Fast-paced and Quality Deployments

We also ensure completing Systems integration with existing systems and tools in a fast-paced manner while thoroughly taking care of all the possible challenges and glitches. Our rapid and meticulous integration service ensures offering the best results within a stipulated time frame and budget.

Raising The Bar Of Integration Expertise

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Why Talk to AVT about ERP & CRM Implementation?

The ultimate performance of our Business relies on Systems Integration. AVT has been a trusted ERP partner for 15+ Years, and you can take full advantage of our experience and profit from hundreds of completed implementations, hundreds and thousands of man-hours. Utilising repeatable processes that have been perfected and tested in the field will cut your deployment time and reduce errors. We have an experienced and innovative consulting team who align with your company, users and departments by following a proven road map:


Identify objectives, assess risk and establish deliverables


Design the appropriate solution and create an overall project plan


Establish a change-control process, a communication strategy and an issue-management process


Ensure a complete transition plan is in place from our team to yours

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Be at any stage of your Transformation Journey, AVT can guide you from everything from:

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“AVT were chosen to implement NetSuite for the TASKA Group over other implementers after it became obvious they had excellent manufacturing experience, quickly understood the

Taska - AVT Customers

“Before implementing Netsuite, Fulton Industries Australia operated three non-integrated systems for our financial, inventory and sales management. This meant double entering information and

Fulton - AVT Customers

“Prior to NetSuite, Street Furniture Australia (SFA), had information kept in silos, reconciling data was a daily exercise and reporting on the business

Street Furniture Australia - AVT Customers

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