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NetSuite Quality Management Training Course – ART04.2

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Course Overview

This is a comprehensive course designed for Managers who will have as their primary responsibility the oversight of the quality assurance processes for the enterprise, comprising establishing testing regimes, operational compliance and auditable record keeping.

The course provides a detailed examination of the features and tools that will streamline the creation and application of testing regimes for each product, the processes for data collection and outcome-based automation along with the tools that provide and provide analytic results that assist with optimising this crucial asset.

You should be sending someone if:

You are embarking on a new NetSuite implementation, as having at least one senior Quality Assurance team member attend this course prior to the implementation will deliver great insight into how to configure NetSuite to gain optimal results from the start of Live operations.

You have had staff changes that have resulted in a new Quality Assurance role for who needs to become fully aware of QA Functionality and capabilities of NetSuite.

You feel you should be incorporating the QA record-keeping process into the day-to-day manufacturing and distribution procedures to become more reactive to issues and to streamline compliance audits.

NetSuite Quality Management Training Course

The attendee will be learning:

The establishment of the tests, standards and rules for compliance for Quality Specifications.

How to associate a Quality Specifications with Items.

Setting the transaction types that will trigger the requirement for an inspection to take place.

How to assign inspections to appropriate staff members and how to monitor progress.

The reporting and data analysis tools available to assess the performance.

Leading the users through the hands-on experience, the Trainer will ensure that the participant will become well versed in the array of configuration elements of NetSuite, where they can be found, and how they should be implemented or modified on an on-going basis.

The course involves two days of direction by the Trainer with extensive instructor-led assignments that will provide a practical, hands-on experience that will reinforce the knowledge gained.

  • Overall, the NetSuite Inventory Management Course has provided a useful guide on the operation and maintenance of the Inventory Management functions within Netsuite. After the training, participants are able to implement plans and policies to optimise the performance of Warehousing and Inventory assets. The layouts between Uniden’s current ERP system, which is Baan, and Netsuite are vastly different. However the underlying concept remains the same, all management elements are included. Users have the freedom to customize the settings on Netsuite to suit their needs.

    Justin Tong
    Justin Tong Service Manager and Product Development Manager, UNIDEN AUSTRALIA
  • Using AVT Training Courses our staff were able to understand NetSuite better which made the implementation easier, as we understood the system as it was being Configured. The AVT trainers were professional subject matter experts and the course was invaluable to our NetSuite implementation success.

    Mark Donnely
  • AVT's NetSuite Admin training course helped us to enable our NetSuite admins to understand the system which made them proficient in understanding the key administrative aspects of Netsuite to we can confidently administer changes with our system and drive business improvements.

    Chris Morgan
    Chris Morgan Operations Manager, STREET FURNITURE AUSTRALIA
  • The advantage of having classroom-type training is providing the opportunity to focus on the training materials without interruptions which is somewhat difficult when in the office doing the online training. Keeping it as a 1 on 1 or a couple of people in the course allowed it to follow at the trainees’ pace and still covering all course material, also the assignments were relevant to the material.

    Chris Vasiliou
    Chris Vasiliou Business Systems Administrator, STREET FURNITURE AUSTRALIA
  • The AVT NetSuite Inventory Management Training Course provided is easy to follow, questions are welcomed and discussed. The instructor delivered additional and useful information.

    Jin Lin
    Jin Lin Warehouse/Inventory Officer, UNIDEN AUSTRALIA
  • The NetSuite CRM Training Course instructor was able to relate to any questions and give answers that included real case scenarios!

    David Podger
    David Podger Sales Manager, FULTON INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA
  • The finance training course provided the overall functionality of Netsuite. Our trainer, Ross also shares his knowledge and insight of best practice, and explain each question thoroughly with patience.

    Jessica Wong
    Jessica Wong Accountant, KEY PHARMACEUTICALS
  • I am full of praise for Ross Leahy – he took the time to understand our business and tailored his training to us

    Diane McDonald
    Diane McDonald Accountant, TASKA PROSTHETICS
  • Ross is great, takes the time to explain, explains the ‘why’ and has really good knowledge

    Simon Boyd

Course Location

Traditionally offered as in-class training, current circumstances have meant that all of AVT’s courses are reconfigured for delivery by the instructor using online meetings. Staff attending can do so in total safety while still participating in hands-on exercises and receiving the guidance of an instructor who has extensive industry and Netsuite experience.


Each attendee will be provided with:

A digital Workbook to be used during the course.

Please note that users should bring their own laptops for the course; WiFi access will be provided.


AUD ​$2,000 per attendee.

Course Duration

1 day course

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