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SPOS Group – AVT Oracle NetSuite ERP Implementation Case Study

“AVT Solutions and SmartFreight implementation has increased our warehouse efficiency and capacity by reducing duplicated work causing data errors resulting in unhappy customers. SPOS and our customers now have clear visibility of where the order is in the delivery cycle.”

– Cameron Bush, Head of Finance, SPOS Group

Location: Macquarie Park, New South Wales


SPOS Group has experienced significant results across a number of facets of the business due to the new processes put in place by AVT. These have allowed the business to maximise its existing investment in technology whilst increasing end user buy-in and productivity. This has streamlined the previously complex and laborious processes and ensured that users are able to utilise the system to its full extent.

The Business:

  • SPOS Group is one of Australia’s leading developers of retail solutions. They provide retail-marketing products for hundreds of businesses in the Asia Pacific region. In fact iCandy Creative, part of the SPOS Group, has been acknowledged industry wide as a leader in design and execution. This recognition is backed by the 16 POPAI (Point-of-Purchase Advertising International) awards that they have won over the past 3 years.

The Challenge:

  • This diversity in operational scope raised a number of challenges for the business that needed to be overcome. One of the hurdles SPOS Group needed to overcome was the unsuccessful implementation of the company’s ERP system. A significant lack of user adoption of the NetSuite system has led to significant, complex and time-consuming bottlenecks throughout the business. This in turn has resulted in users avoiding NetSuite and sourcing alternatives outside of the system.
  • In addition to this, the previously flawed integration of the company’s outbound freight solution needed to be rectified and streamlined. The existing processes of completing an item fulfillment and booking delivery through the freight company portals was timely and often resulted in duplicated data. This in turn caused errors and mismatches due to the high-levels of double handling present in the processes.

The AVT Solution

  • After an internal review and consultation with both staff and external consultants specialising in system improvements SPOS Group went on the search for a solution to increase visibility and performance management as well as allow for customer focused dispatch.
  • AVT were selected to assist the organisation due to their extensive experience providing productivity solutions within the industry. Their support and business knowledge meant that SPOS Group retained complete visibility of the project and its deliverables at all times.
    The overall results from the project have provided significant business improvements to the company. Within
  • the integrated freight solution the SPOS Group have seen the improvements in the time for dispatch. This has been significantly reduced from 20 minutes previously to 5 minutes per transaction. There have also been costs savings realised of approximately $60,000pa. In addition to this the business now has clear visibility of freight costs as well as timely reconciliation from freight customers and a decrease in processing time from the accounts team.
  • Increased transparency of transactions and easier matching has also led to a decrease in the number of incorrect charges on SPOS Group accounts.
  • The NetSuite side of the organisation has also benefited from significant improvements in the areas of visibility of their customer quotes and sales orders. This allows for internal approval of customer quotes and the ability to review and discuss these quotes before presentation. These new process improvements have also improved margin management with a year-over-year increase in the order of 2- 3%.
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