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ERP for Non-for-Profit Solution – PDT02

Not for Profit organisations face a multitude of challenges in their efforts to improve lives on local, national or global levels; be these focussed on assisting people directly or improving the physical and cultural environments in which they live.

These pressures invariably revolve around the funds they must raise, the demand for those funds and the needs, statutory and moral, to be able to account for how the funds were used.

NetSuite’s NFP Configuration has adapted core elements of its Marketing, Sales and Financial systems to provide an out-of-the-box solution that provides the functionality to manage, and, ultimately reduce, these pressures.

This functionality provides users with the capability to:

  • Have all the required tools in one place, stored in the cloud and available to users wherever they are and on the device of their choice
  • Use marketing and CRM tools to manage major fundraising campaigns
  • Use integrated web functionality to capture donations
  • Apply sophisticated tracking of the source of all funds
  • Enable detailed analysis to all expenditure with simple entry coding
  • Use out-of-the box, role based dashboards to highlight critical KPi’s and trends
  • Confidently supply financial compliance data to relevant authorities and sponsors

The Webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the challenges and how the solution meets them
  • Key aspects of functionality that help manage fundraising efforts
  • Management tools to assist the understanding of future revenue and expenditure flows
  • Basic transactional classification and the analytics that this enables
  • Tracking of revenue from source to expenditure

A demonstration will also be run to show the critical elements as they pertain to NFP.

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Streamline your shipping and Dispatch Operations within NetSuite using the AVT SmartFreight Solution – AVTAPP01


Streamline your shipping and Dispatch Operations with AVT SmartFreight Solutions for Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom

This webinar will explain how AVT SmartFreight Shipping solutions can be deployed to allow businesses to estimate shipping and manage dispatch bookings and tracking within NetSuite on transactions.

Some of the benefits for organisations:

  • Provide Real-time Shipping options for Dispatch over multiple locations
  • Provide integrated connote tracking for customers
  • Provide Automated printing of labels at the warehouse locations
  • Online consignment tracking for end users

The Webinar will cover:

  • Overview of the functionality
  • Solution benefits
  • Demo of the out of box processes
  • Q&A

*This Webinar will be presented with a Live Demo and Q & A. Don’t miss it.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting for Wholesale Distributors
– PRD01


NetSuite Financial Planning provides clients with the opportunity to unify the Sales, Operations and Finance planning elements of their business with the deployment of NetSuite Planning and Budgeting as an integrated component alongside their existing NetSuite ERP implementation. By providing a single engine to drive planning, NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB) allows each stakeholder to develop the plans and forecasts in a manner relevant to them e.g.:

  • Sales may develop plans at the customer/item level or plan at higher levels with statistical broken down detailed levels that can:
    • Provide Sales budgets by customer or by product in quantity and dollar terms for analysis against actual data as time passes.
    • Provide Operations with data to develop inventory plans.
    • Provide Finance with Revenue Budgets (from Sales) and COGS (from Operations).

Some of the benefits for organisations who implement this integrate ERP and Planning system include:

  • Integrate, digitalise and streamline your end-to-end planning processes.
  • Improve the speed to develop budgets.
  • Improve accuracy of data through the planning process.
  • Improve accuracy of data entry using.
  • Provide accurate top down and bottom-up calculations.
  • Track Segments and drivers in one integrated system.
  • Built in tools to allow creation of “What-if” cases, built in prediction tools based on previous performance.
  • Built in tools to allow creation of “What-if” cases, built in prediction tools based on previous performance.

Track daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly performance with integrated NetSuite ERP data.

The Webinar covers:

  • Overview of NetSuite Financial Planning
  • Solution Capabilities including:
    • Planning and Reporting.
    • Sales comparative data by customer, product, qty and profitability.
    • Operations by product lines actual inventory holdings vs Planned.
    • Financial reporting (P&L, Balance Sheet) across lines of business, departments, locations.
  • Interactions between NSPB and NetSuite.
  • A demonstration of the capabilities.

*This Webinar is presented with a Live Demo and Q & A. Watch it now.

Effective Credit Management using NetSuite WorkFlow

Effective Credit Management using NetSuite WorkFlow – ARTWEB 07

The effective management of client credit has always been a core task in most businesses and now in the Covid-19 world, its importance is more significant by far.

AVT will demonstrate how to use NetSuite’s Suiteflow module to streamline and automate critical Credit Management functions and some of the analysis tools that can further aid Credit Management to keep the lifeblood of the organisation pumping at the desired rate.

The Webinar will cover:

Setup and Operation

  • Credit Limit Approval Processes
  • Order Management Impact of Credit Control
  • Automated Reminders with Escalation
  • Automated Alerts to Sales Reps and their managers

Reporting and Analysis Tools

  • Accounts Receivable related KPI’s
  • Approvals Processing Time
  • Overdue Levels
  • Average Collection Times

All the relevant data in NetSuite is constantly monitored and the workflows can be set to react immediately or on a timed basis.
This webinar will provide the attendee a practical insight into the ease of use and power that SuiteFlow puts at their fingertips.

AVT’s Innovations to Invoice Collection

AVT will also demonstrate it’s Present and Pay solution with its revolutionary approach to making it easy for customers to make a payment.

Understanding NetSuite Advanced Inventory and its limitations

Understanding NetSuite Advanced Inventory and its limitations

NetSuite Advanced Inventory is a module designed for wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies looking to improve their warehousing operations and the planning of their inventory levels.

The Module includes:
Functions that enable the client to move to more sophisticated warehousing without needing to take the significant leap into a Full WMS implementation, with:

  • Advanced Bin Management with settings by Item/Warehouse for preferred and associated bins.
  • Options to automate Bin Putaway.
  • Simple Bin-to-Bin movement recording.

Linking of Serial/Lot Tracked inventory details with Bins
The setting of inventory levels is improved through the use of:

  • Safety Stock.
  • Reorder Point.
  • Preferred Inventory.
  • Lead Time from Vendors.

This Webinar discussed and demonstrated the warehousing and inventory management features of this module and more.

Planning Inventory – NetSuite Demand Plans

Planning Inventory - NetSuite Demand Plans - ARTWEB05

NetSuite’s Demand Planning module delivers classic inventory planning for Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution companies who cannot rely on simple quantity based triggers e.g. Safety Stock, to ensure that they have adequate inventory to meet high customer service requirements.
The NetSuite Demand Planning Module provides a comprehensive list of features that deliver considerable benefits once embraced and implemented.

These include:

  • Multi-locations settings for:
    • Planning parameters such as lead time, stock levels, planning time frames.
    • Flexible sourcing where an item may be manufactured in one location, purchased in another or be transferred from a separate location.
    • Distribution planning is factored in with the internal network of warehouses and the lead times for transfers.
  • Manufactured items have orders recommended at all necessary BOM levels.
  • Purchasing is aligned to remove the likelihood of a stock-out for components including items for resale, consumption in manufacturing or service or any combination thereof.
  • Forecasts can be loaded in flexible time buckets (Monthly, Weekly, Daily).

All of the above contribute to streamlined processes, organizational confidence and more.

Advanced Bills of Materials

This webinar provides an overview of the benefits and capabilities of NetSuite’s Advanced Bills of Material Capabilities. The module is a great improvement for users who have complex bills of materials, revision management issues and BOM variations connected to the location of the manufacture.

The session is going to cover:

  • Standard vs Advanced Functionality
  • Advanced Features Presentation
  • Use Cases Presentation
  • Migration Options / CSV Imports

AVT is confident that senior and operational managers will gain great value from this webinar.

Manufacturing Costing Analysis

NetSuite provides excellent functionality on the continuous update of costs for materials and the Bill of Materials functionality easily permits the inclusion of labour and consumable costs. It does not, however, provide for detailed analysis of a manufactured item’s cost structure.

AVT’s Manufacturing Costing Analysis tool remedies this by providing:

  • Multi-level BOM costing
  • Component Level details
  • Materials, Labour and Other costs analysis
  • Support for NetSuite Basic and Advanced Bills of Material
  • Excel export capability

This solution is of significant value to manufacturing businesses dealing with complex BOMs and situations where the product configuration varies order by order.

Reconciling Inventory/Goods Received Not Billed Account – ARTWEB 02

Reconciling the Good Receive Not Invoiced has long been a challenge for businesses busily receiving inventory or services with:

  • Purchase order lines delivered in part or in full
  • Vendor bills that may or may not match the PO or the Delivery
  • Price variations between the PO and the Bill

This Webinar Exciting features include:

  • Demonstrate AVT’s recommended leading practice for the processing of Item Receipts, Vendor Bills
  • How to review and ensure that the account is properly reconciling using:
    1. AVT’s custom Saved Search
    2. T’s custom Transaction Reports
    3. Take away the stress and mystery that is often involved in running the “Post Vendor Bill Variances”
  • Take away the stress and mystery that is often involved in running the “Post Vendor Bill Variances”

Electronic Bank Reconciliation

NetSuite has included in Release 2019.2 new functionality to assist staff responsible for the reconciliation of bank accounts and credit cards.

This webinar will provide those staff members with a detailed overview of this functionality and how it can be deployed to improve efficiency, productivity and compliance.

Exciting features include:

  • Structured file formats that go beyond simple CSV
  • Automatic matching of Bank Account numbers in the Bank File to the relevant NetSuite Bank Account
  • Matching rules that can be applied to imported transactions using a variety of criteria
  • Simplified manually matching
  • Ability to create single records for new charges, deposits and journals
  • And more…

NetSuite Instructor Led Training Courses

Looking for a custom solution to help your staff to better understand your system and drive business productivity and optimisation.


  • Overall, the NetSuite Inventory Management Course has provided a useful guide on the operation and maintenance of the Inventory Management functions within Netsuite. After the training, participants are able to implement plans and policies to optimise the performance of Warehousing and Inventory assets. The layouts between Uniden’s current ERP system, which is Baan, and Netsuite are vastly different. However the underlying concept remains the same, all management elements are included. Users have the freedom to customize the settings on Netsuite to suit their needs.

    Justin Tong
    Justin Tong Service Manager and Product Development Manager, UNIDEN AUSTRALIA
  • Using AVT Training Courses our staff were able to understand NetSuite better which made the implementation easier, as we understood the system as it was being Configured. The AVT trainers were professional subject matter experts and the course was invaluable to our NetSuite implementation success.

    Mark Donnely
  • AVT's NetSuite Admin training course helped us to enable our NetSuite admins to understand the system which made them proficient in understanding the key administrative aspects of Netsuite to we can confidently administer changes with our system and drive business improvements.

    Chris Morgan
    Chris Morgan Operations Manager, STREET FURNITURE AUSTRALIA
  • The advantage of having classroom-type training is providing the opportunity to focus on the training materials without interruptions which is somewhat difficult when in the office doing the online training. Keeping it as a 1 on 1 or a couple of people in the course allowed it to follow at the trainees’ pace and still covering all course material, also the assignments were relevant to the material.

    Chris Vasiliou
    Chris Vasiliou Business Systems Administrator, STREET FURNITURE AUSTRALIA
  • The AVT NetSuite Inventory Management Training Course provided is easy to follow, questions are welcomed and discussed. The instructor delivered additional and useful information.

    Jin Lin
    Jin Lin Warehouse/Inventory Officer, UNIDEN AUSTRALIA
  • The NetSuite CRM Training Course instructor was able to relate to any questions and give answers that included real case scenarios!

    David Podger
    David Podger Sales Manager, FULTON INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA
  • The finance training course provided the overall functionality of Netsuite. Our trainer, Ross also shares his knowledge and insight of best practice, and explain each question thoroughly with patience.

    Jessica Wong
    Jessica Wong Accountant, KEY PHARMACEUTICALS
  • I am full of praise for Ross Leahy – he took the time to understand our business and tailored his training to us

    Diane McDonald
    Diane McDonald Accountant, TASKA PROSTHETICS
  • Ross is great, takes the time to explain, explains the ‘why’ and has really good knowledge

    Simon Boyd

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