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Oracle NetSuite’s order management capabilities help streamline your order processing by eliminating manual bottlenecks, preventing errors and establishing a smooth flow from sales quote to order fulfillment ensuring timely invoicing and payment. NetSuite’s order and billing management capabilities integrate your sales, finance and fulfillment teams—improving quote accuracy, eliminating billing errors, strengthening revenue recognition processes and driving fulfillment accuracy and efficiency.

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The process of taking, approving, scheduling, tracking, fulfilling and being paid for orders is the lifeblood of your business. NetSuite’s Advanced Order Management functionality provides unrivalled visibility into the process and helps automate many tasks to ensure that you are keeping your customers happy by hitting defined service levels, delivering on-time and from the most economical or geographically appropriate location. All of this is achieved by maintaining some simple rules allowing your users to concentrate on exceptions.


When a customer chooses to return a product, the reason they are doing so isn’t really important. What is important is that you delight them with awesome communication and efficient and clear steps in the process. NetSuite’s return material authorization feature is integrated into the customer support area and is often kicked off and managed through the support / case management area. This allows us the ability to easily track recurring issues over time and provide strategic insights through dashboard analytics.


NetSuite can be easily configured to operate in companies of all types and sizes. For larger companies where multiple people are involved in processing and fulfilling orders those duties are easily segregated. However smaller companies may often have the same person quoting, entering orders, processing shipping paperwork and invoicing—this is easily handled by simply defining user permissions and the next logical step is performed at the click of a button.


The SuiteFlow engine is an easy to use workflow design and monitoring tool that allows you to define your workflow approvals using a drag-n-drop interface. The workflow tool has the ability to interact with all of the other transactions, records and forms in NetSuite to allow you to easily enforce company approval policies and handle complex multi-tiered approval hierarchies.


Optimize profitability on an order by order basis with NetSuite’s real-time gross profit analysis functionality. Choose from multiple methods to establish item costs including last receipt, average, standard and defined to see estimated gross profitability percentages on the order as it is being entered. Each line on the order can then be identified as being at risk of challenging your company’s profitability standards.


Once an RMA number has been assigned, it’s critical to identify the next steps whether they be to advance ship a replacement, ship upon return, return for investigation / repair or even issue a refund. In all cases, NetSuite will walk you through the steps required to ensure the optimal result. Should a refund be warranted, these can be easily processed with payment being in the form of either a cheque or a credit card refund charge.


NetSuite’s warranty management functionality allows you to easily define different warranty profiles including coverage, start date, time period, etc. and apply them to specific products. Depending on the criteria, the warranty registration can be automatically generated upon shipment or delayed until the end user completes an online form or returns a card for manual processing. Should a product need to be repaired, that entire process can be managed in conjunction with case management and work orders to receive, repair and replace the unit while keeping the customer up-to-date with progress.


In an ideal world, every product that you sell will work flawlessly from the day its received throughout its entire lifecycle, however that’s not always the case. With NetSuite’s native return materials management functionality, you can easily turn a negative situation into a positive one with a quick and efficient process revolving around case management that lets everyone know what’s happening. From the first contact to let you know a return is imminent, your customer is kept up to date with email updates and access to a unique portal where they can update any additional information.


Easily create and maintain price levels with multiple quantity breaks defined at the item level. Each price level can be defaulted with a discount or mark-up to the base price and overridden as required. If you sell globally, you can define the prices in each currency for complete control of your international pricing strategy. When you need to apply changes to your existing pricing structure, NetSuite’s easy to use update tools walk you through identifying items that need to be re-priced, applying % or $ increases / decreases, establishing rounding rules and allowing you to preview the changes before applying.


  • AVT team have always gone that extra mile to give us superior service and timely support.

    James Vallejo
    James Vallejo TRT
  • I've been working with AVT since 2009 on integration project and other IT related tasks. The team at AVT is extremely professional, quick, reliable, effective and confidential. Project has been completed in time manner as per scheduled. It's a pleasure to work with AVT and looking forward for future cooperation.

    Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong Nguyen ABOUT LIFE
  • AVT played an integral part in our integration project where they developed many complex solutions to meet our unique business needs and their assistance with integration of Netsuite with our existing business systems was invaluable.

    Mary Wong
    Mary Wong LEXIS NEXIS
  • Our experience with AVT has been very positive. AVT has enabled us to deliver advanced business solution to Rockridge Group. We have circa 150 Netsuite users across our partner companies and AVT has effectively implemented our most complex customisations.

    Leon Condon
  • AVT have become a key partner to our business through their ability to provide peace of mind when it comes to our Netsuite requirements. AVT played an integral role in our Netsuite implementation and subsequent projects including our Webstore. AVT’s ability to quickly understand our unique needs, develop and then implement a complete solution in a coordinated and timely manner was invaluable to our business.

    Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes AUTOLAC
  • Mint Wireless is a global business, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. We were looking for a NetSuite solution provider who could help us optimise NetSuite and address our growing business needs. We choose AVT in this endeavour and found them to be very professional in delivering to our business requirements. AVT trained our staff, assisted in optimising our sales process and help us introduce a new subsidiary into our NetSuite OneWorld account.

    Alex Ng
  • Linkup is an innovative consulting business bringing Instinctive Drives® tools and services to Tier 1 markets. Our trademark tool is the I.D. System®. AVT team has played an integral role in providing an integrated solution for the I.D. System® with our ERP, NetSuite. They worked closely with us to understand our requirements and are very responsive to requests for ongoing maintenance and management of the system. We recommend AVT for systems Integration and ERP transformation services.

    Michelle Elliott
    Michelle Elliott INSTINCTIVE DRIVES
  • Our NetSuite Implementation required multiple points of integration with a third party Government application. AVT provided us with a complete solution and the confidence that our business needs would be achieved efficiently and costs effectively.

    Rimma Levin
  • Thanks to AVT’s integrated solution between IFS SmartFreight® and our NetSuite system, we have increased our order processing from 200 orders a day to 300 orders a day, without strain. Our shipping process is now highly automated, which is easier to use and more accurate – leaving us with happier customers and more pleased employees.

    Michael Simms
    Michael Simms CELL BIKES
  • Absolute Vision Technologies, have been skilled NetSuite partners for years. Their knowledge and expertise in dealing with NetSuite customers in support and implementation makes them one of ANZ's most trusted NetSuite partners.

    Chris Tithof
    Chris Tithof Oracle NetSuite
  • AVT provides the rare package of intellect, articulation, and business smarts. He is able to understand problems and deliver clear, practical solutions. I would recommend AVT to anyone interested in taking on or outsourcing a software development/customisation project.

    Dean Stockwell
    Dean Stockwell Oracle NetSuite

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