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NetSuite Tailoring automation for Manufacturing businesses

See how our Tailoring automation in NetSuite for Manufacturing businesses allows users to adjust the Work Order on the fly and more.

Discover the power of NetSuite’s tailored automation solutions for manufacturing businesses. Explore how automation streamlines production processes, optimizes inventory management, and enhances overall efficiency, allowing manufacturing companies to operate with greater agility, reduce costs, and achieve higher levels of productivity and success in today’s competitive market.


Many make to order businesses offer Tailoring of manufactured products for their customers which has implications on how the Work Order/s BOM and the usage of inventory and its allocation based for production. For example, ordering a particular type of finish, length, width, colour, or accessory or using another product to make the work order, has implications on how the work order BOM is administered and managed for completion.


Setting up Matrix items will require a lot of standardisation and working out the permutation and combinations of what your business offers, and implementing a full blown configurator can be too much of an undertaking for your needs. A light weight Tailoring configurator will be able to adjust the components on the work order so production can easily manage allocation and commitment of inventory in an accurate way and with less administration resulting in more accurate cost and inventory allocation.

Our Tailoring automation in NetSuite for Manufacturing businesses allows users to adjust the Work Order on the fly based on the inputs on the Sales Order line and business rules around product substitution, usage calculation for component stock etc can be easily setup and maintained in NetSuite. It’s ideal for Timber, Clothing, Mats, Carpet, Rugs manufacturers who are facing this problem every day and are not geared up for a full blown CPQ solution.

If you are facing problems and managing these operations in a spreadsheets and are not ready for full blown CPQ/ Matrix items type of solution then please reach out to AVT – Absolute Vision Technologies (Oracle NetSuite VAR, Partner & SI) at Contact AVT Page and we can help your business deploy with ease.

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