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What is stripe?

AVT NetSuite and Stripe IntegrationStripe’s Payment platform allows companies to collect payment over the internet. Now available in over 44 countries globally, Stripe is has become a leader in online payments.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is global leader in cloud based ERP platform. NetSuite allows companies to run global financials and streamline order to cash, procure to pay processes with integrated eCommerce, Supply Chain and Warehousing and Manufacturing.

Who is AVT?

AVT is a Solution partner of Oracle NetSuite and has developed a leading  integration with Stripe to work seamlessly with Order to Cash processes across multiple entities.

How does NetSuite + Stripe Integration from AVT?

AVT has built the following process flows in a seamless application

  • Collect Deposits on Quotes for progressing Order Processing
    • Business can email out a NetSuite Quote to a customer/contact for payment in full or partial value. Once a payment is made the quote is automatically covered into a Sales Order and a deposit is recorded in NetSuite.
  • Collect Deposits on Sales Orders
    • Business can email out a NetSuite Sales Order to a customer/contact for payment in full or partial value. Once a payment is collected on the Sales order, a deposit is recorded on the Sales Order in NetSuite.
  • Sending Invoices off for Payment
    • Business can email out a NetSuite Invoice to a customer for payment in full or partial amount. Once the Invoice is paid, a Customer Payment is recorded on the Invoice.
  • Email Out Customers/Contact a link to Pay Now
    • There is automation created to email out a link to the Payment portal. Customers/Contacts can use the secure link and Portal to make a payment. The link is included in the PDF output of the Quote, Sales Order or an Invoice
  • Secure Portal for Payment
    • Customers can use a secure Portal for making a payment. The link to the portal can be published on your website or sent via email.
    • Customers can use the portal to make a payment to a single invoice and other open invoices
  • Storing Credit Cards for Future Use
    • Once the payment is made using a card, a user is given the option to store the card for future use. Cards will be store in the Stipe Value API and last 4 digits references are stored in NetSuite allow the user to select the card reference to charge

Understand more about NetSuite and Stripe Integration, see how to Streamline Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable payment processing with AVT Present & Pay Solution:

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