NetSuite ANZ on SKY Business: Watch AVT Customer, Canva and our very own Jason Toshack on Sky News: Business Weekend!

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Earlier in November, SKY’s Business News filmed a segment featuring AVT customer, Canva, and and our very own ANZ GM, Jason Toshack. The program featuring this interview broadcasted on Sunday 17th November.

In the interview, SKY journalist Steph Nash will speak to Canva co-founder Cameron Adams, as part of a broader story on how to take a business from startup to ‘global’ dominance. As part of the interview, the piece is expected to also include commentary from Jason Toshack and his experience working with NetSuite customers, including how cloud computing and NetSuite in particular, has been successful in supporting businesses like Canva scale up and expand globally.

SKY journalist Steph Nash spoke to Canva co-founder Cameron Adams and Jason as part of a story on how to take a business from startup to ‘global’ dominance. The interview highlighted the challenges startups face and how cloud technology plays a role in helping businesses scale internationally.

You may be interested to know that it was reported recently that Canva’s private market valuation, soared to $4.7 billion. Canva is a simple design tool website founded in 2012 and today, has millions of users, both non-designers and professionals, across 179 countries, resulting in over 300 million designs created since launch.

You can watch interview below – Please navigate to 32:30 to watch this interview which is close to 5 minutes in duration!

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