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Swissport – NetSuite Planning Budgeting Cloud PBCS Case Study

Leveraging Integrated Systems: The Key to Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Reporting

Discover how Swissport, a global leader in ground and cargo handling services, implemented Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) to streamline their financial planning and budgeting processes. Uncover how Swissport achieved enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and agility in their financial planning, enabling informed decision-making and driving their success in the dynamic aviation industry.


Swissport is the global leader of ground services and cargo handling for the aviation industry. You’ll find SwissPort at 315 airports in 50 countries and we are proud of our dedicated workforce of 68,000 team members. In Australia and New Zealand, Swissport (formerly Aerocare) operates at 32 airports, partnering with all major domestic airlines and many international carriers in the region.

Swissport was using MS Excel spreadsheet for developing budgeting, planning and forecasting. The spreadsheets were initially developed by PWC and are complex to modify, maintain and extend. Swissport selected to use Oracle NetSuite Planning & Budgeting for  approx. 8-9 companies, approx. 50 stations and 5 – 8 business lines.

Oracle NetSuite Planning & Budgeting is proposed as an alternative to using MS Excel spreadsheet.

  • Provide a single datasource for maintaining planning and forecasting data
  • Allow planning for multiple companies, multiple locations, multiple business lines, consolidation and what if scenarios
  • Ability to develop models based on revenue and cost drivers
  • PNL, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Planning
  • Provide a single datasource for maintaining budgeting models 
  • Allow extensions of the models by users
  • Ability to collaborate by allowing multiple users to work on the system at the same time.
  • Ability to create multiple reports, graphs and charts
  • Ability to drill down to the underlying data

The AVT Engagement Objectives

  • Enable Swissport staff to use Oracle NetSuite Planning & Budgeting through system admin training 
  • Setup the outbound integration between Oracle NetSuite Planning & Budgeting and NetSuite ERP to facilitate loading actual data into the planning/budgeting system.
  • Providing training on the features and extensions
  • Assist in the consulting and development of new reports and models.

Solution Overview – Oracle NetSuite Planning & Budgeting

Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting is a complete cloud-based planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that enables organizations of any size to rapidly adopt world-class planning applications, improving forecast accuracy with minimal IT resources. Built-in cloud-specific features make it easy to get users up and running quickly.

Fast Adoption

Appeal to a wider user community with an intuitive, role-based interface

  • Speed user adoption, little training needed with built-in starter kits, online help, and tutorials
  • Simplify administration with application diagnostics

First-in-Class Functionality

  • Improve forecast accuracy. Connect operational assumptions to financial outcomes. Predictive planning and rolling forecasts enable you to project future performance and create alternative scenarios.
  • Streamline processes with flexible workflow and plan management capabilities
  • Quickly create reports with an intuitive user interface and full Excel integration
  • Simplify reporting with built-in management reporting capabilities
  • Forecast performance accurately with rolling forecasts and best practices

Flexible Deployment

  • Meet today’s business requirements and be ready for the future. Leverage Oracle’s best-in-class cloud technology to deploy a world-class budgeting solution with the latest business innovations.
  • Reduce implementation costs with a packaged solution
  • Combine and securely move data across on-premises and cloud systems
  • Integrate data from Oracle and other ERP systems including pre-built Integration with Oracle NetSuite
  • Leverage existing IT investments

Oracle NetSuite ERP SystemThe #1 Cloud Business Management System
The only ERP you’ll ever need

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a cloud based business platform that provides your business with complete end to end solution and integrated reporting to run your organisation in a streamlined way. With over 32K customers globally, your business can easily deploy and roll out streamlined processes, prebuilt Dashboards, Reports, KPI that can help overcome reporting and operational challenges you are facing today and align your business to meet future needs. Using the APIs, you can easily integrate your ERP data with 3rd Party systems and reduce your data entry administration.

To learn more, AVT – Australia’s Leading NetSuite Solution Provider & Partner has created a complimentary NetSuite ERP Evaluation micro-site to help executives learn more about ERP and its deployment, using pre-recorded process demo videos, White papers and data sheets, so you may evaluate this at your own pace. You can gain access to to the site by completing your Registration in the link: NetSuite Overview Demos.

ERP Resources

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AVT Evaluate and Deploy

NetSuite ERP

AVT makes your ERP evaluation easier. Using our NetSuite Evaluation workbook, Questionnaires, IT Roadmapping and ROI Analysis tools your organisation can easily develop a business case for an ERP upgrade project.

AVT NetSuite ERP Implementation and Deployment

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AVT uses its proven implementation methodology to implement solutions. The approach can be tailored to suit the exact requirements of each client, and is documented and agreed by all parties at the project initiation.

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