Impact of COVID-19 and moving forward in a new era of social distancing for all

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Global Impact

COVID-19 has threatened life and business around the globe.

The impact of COVID-19 is not slowing down and we see our customer’s businesses devastated as a result of the global pandemic. March and April have been tough months for most businesses and life generally, with major job losses and the consumer confidence dipping low. Australia and New Zealand have implemented tough social distancing laws and these will continue into May. Major problems with the major markets of the USA and Europe as they struggle to fight the pandemic will have a significant impact on our economy.

At AVT we have committed to the recommended safe policy of working from home and using cloud based applications including NetSuite, Lucid Charts, G-Suite and ZOOM to continue delivery of work for our customers. As challenging as this time can be, it presents a great opportunity for businesses to mobilize internal plans for business improvement with minimal disruption to their otherwise normal revenue-generating activities.

Government Programs

There is some relief offered by the government with options to delay PAYG for business for the next few months and offering payments of $1,500 per fortnight per employee to keep staff employed in the business. This is available to businesses who have experienced a 30% loss of revenue compared to the last year. This was announced this week and we are not sure exactly when this will kick in, however, it’s expected to happen in May.

How you can help

  • Safety
    • From a work prospecting, stay home and stay safe.
  • Productivity
    • Focus on your work to maximise your time and productivity for the business and the product and service you are involved in.
    • Focus on learning, goals and service.
    • Use business communication, including phone, email, Zoom offer better customer service, plan and engage work, request meetings and drive communication internally and externally to improve engagement.
  • Budgeting
    • Develop a re-forecast of your business revenue and expenses.
    • Make arrangements to maximise liquidity to meet the current spend during the downturn.
    • Minimise the current spend on new hires and re-structure to essential services

How we will help?

Mobile Business Solutions

  • Understand what solutions you can deploy to manage a remote workforce and business operations
  • Build productivity with better business reporting
  • Implement solutions to help you plan, budget and forecast


  • Sessions to plan future state and strategies to address gaps
  • Design processes to implement and track productivity

Digital Business

  • Explore ways of servicing your customer using self-service and digital tools
  • Provide access to your customers to interact and make purchasing decisions online
  • Think and Plan your mobile and online strategy

At AVT we have also applied virtual Coffee Meetings via Zoom, where staff enjoy their favourite drinks and chat.

If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out.




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