Factomart b2b/b2c commerce – AVT SuiteCommerce Netsuite Case Study

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Factomart, founded in 2013, is a project created to study the possibility of online marketing in industrial products. From the beginning, Factomart has developed into a full-fledged E-Commerce seller in 2015. Factomart has already sold worldwide. Lacking only Antarctica that we have never had orders to send to customers. Factomart estimate approximate 50,000+ site visitors per month, approx 1500 RFPs, approx 300,000 products.

AVT Engagement

  • Provide Factormart customer with a unified platform for b2b/b2c interactions integrated with the NetSuite ERP
  • Deploy and b2b/b2c solution using NetSuite SuiteCommerce and tailor processes to meet business needs
  • Enable publishing, search for more than 100,000 products online
  • Enable promotions and merchandising rules to facilitate sales and marketing
  • Deploy and b2b quote to order conversion process
  • Ability to tag approved POs to facilitate Order processing

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