Case Study: Honest To Goodness

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AVT managed the integration of IFS and NetSuite in a very responsive way, spent a lot of time with us to fit the integration to our specific needs and explaining things each step along the way.”
– Fawn Porter, Customer Service Team Leader

Location: Alexandria, New South Wales

Solutions: Quote on orders, All-in-one label-printing, Automated emails, Freight cost in real-time, Wholesale/Distribution, Processing smoother and faster


The Challenge

  • Costing Orders: The most pressing business challenge for Honest To Goodness was that they were unable to provide freight cost up-front to their customers. Honest To Goodness had to wait for an order to be packed in order to know accurate freight costs. Payments could take up to 48 hours to complete, customers would not provide their credit card details until they knew the total order cost including shipping.
  • Manual Processes : The whole process was very time consuming as the employees had to log-in separately to each carrier system to pull out a quote, causing a lot of manual steps to the order process.
  • Reporting and Tracking: Honest To Goodness were not able to track orders and the booking/manifest process was very cumbersome, as carriers had their own cut-of-times for orders being booked which was managed individually for each carrier. The manual process resulted in inefficiencies and delays.


The AVT Solution

  • Since Honest To Goodness implemented the AVT IFS SmartFreight® Solution, their shipping times have improved dramatically, now they can book orders instantly, information is easy to track, everything is linked to one Sales Order and they can print carrier dispatch labels from within NetSuite.
  • They only need to use one label, which is carrier compliant with all their carriers. Previously they had to print different labels for each carrier causing them a lot of manual steps and time wasted.
  • They now have automatic emails sent out to customers with order confirmation and shipping notification, keeping the customer up-to-date with their order.
  • They have increased visibility of their revenue and profitability as it is easy to report on all the carriers from one place. They can review and drill-down on each carrier and separate between them to quickly get the information they need for top-line Managers.


Customer Success

  • AVT integrated IFS SmartFreight® to NetSuite, providing Honest to Goodness with the capability to quote on orders directly from within NetSuite and on their webstore in real-time, allowing quotes to be created easily within one system and to compare freight costs to find least-cost option or fastest option based on the order summary.
  • Honest to Goodness now has a all-in-one label-printing system thanks to IFS SmartFreight®’s carrier compliant labels and with the integration to NetSuite the label is printed automatically upon order confirmation.
  • The system allows Honest To Goodness to send automated emails upon order creation to customers, which streamlines and improves Customer Service.
  • The AVT/IFS SmartFreight® connector was integrated with Honest To Goodness Webstore as a second phase of the project, allowing customers to review freight cost in real-time as they amend the items in their cart.
  • The solution allows Honest To Goodness to get orders out for distribution quickly which is one of the most important business operations for a wholesale/distribution business.The solution has allowed the business to run their whole order processing, from sales order, to quoting, to payment, to fulfilment and shipment a lot smoother and faster.
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