AVT SmartFreight Shipping Integration Deployed in over 100 NetSuite sites across AU/NZ

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SmartFreight® is an easier way to manage your shipping needs.
Whether you’re a startup, a multinational, drop-shipping, or warehouse dispatching, SmartFreight make it easy to find the right shipping method. SmartFreight’s shipping platform puts hundreds of possible transport providers and routes at your fingertips, offering total control, flexibility, and access to the information you need, every step of the way. SmartFreight managed  approx. 30,000,000 shipments per year with over 600M worth of shipping charges. In 2018, SmartFreight became a part of the WiseTech Global group. WiseTech Global is a leading developer and provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally.

AVT SmartFreight Shipping Integration SuiteApp for NetSuite allows users to streamline shipping and dispatch operations and reduce manual overheads in managing dispatch side of the business. Designed for WholeSale, Distribution and Manufacturing business, it allow users to estimate freight and book consignments across multiple carriers all within NetSuite and SuiteCommerce checkout. The estimation and booking processes are managed on standard NetSuite records including Sales Order, Item Fulfilment, Transfer Orders, Quotes and invoice and work in native NetSuite environment. Booking made through AVT SmartFreight SuiteApp print carrier compliant labels at the Warehouse ( in real-time) and provide booking and tracking information in NetSuite. The booking links can be used to track shipments in real-time.

Pre-Integrated Carriers in Australia


Pre-Integrated Carriers in New Zealand


Pre-Integrated Carriers in UK & Ireland


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