AVT NetSuite Finance Training Course – What’s Covered?

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Course Overview

This is a comprehensive course designed for senior users who will have as their primary responsibility the design of the financial structure and processes of the enterprise and for the ongoing oversight of its performance.

You should be sending someone if …

  • You are embarking on a new NetSuite implementation and want to understand what opportunities exist within NetSuite to provide greater financial analysis and a more streamlined reporting and management environment.
  • You have had staff changes that have resulted in a senior Financial Team who need to become fully aware of the financial functionality and analytical capabilities of NetSuite.
  • You feel you should be taking advantage of more of the exception of financial control and reporting features of NetSuite.

The attendee will be learning:

  • How to set up core aspects that provide the foundation for the NetSuite financial ecosystem.
  • Design and configuration of the elements that will be key to providing senior management with the necessary information required for setting strategic directions and making tactical decisions
  • The full range of transaction processing options for data capture and the methods by which these can be configured to suit the enterprise.
  • The tools available to ensure that processes are being followed and that results are reported with a high level of accuracy.
  • A knowledge of the analytical and reporting tools available to ensure that the information provided to senior management is timely, accurate and relevant

Course Location

The course can be held:

  • On the client site, with a minimum of two attendees.
  • At the AVT Training facility as part of a private course with a minimum of two attendees.
  • At the AVT Training facility as part of a public course.


Each attendee will be provided with:

  • A digital Workbook to be used during the course.

Please note that users should bring their own laptops for the course; WiFi access will be provided.


  • $3,000 AUD per attendee with minimum of two attendees ( Discounts are available for more than two attendees from an Organisation)

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