Uniden Australian – Staff Completes ART04 Inventory Management NetSuite Training

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Uniden Australia Pty Limited is part of the Uniden Corporation of Japan, operating globally in America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Since its establishment in 1966, Uniden has grown to be a global leader in wireless communications and a major global brand in consumer electronics. Uniden Australia Pty Limited looks after both the Australian and New Zealand Market.


This workshop, which was provided by AVT, took place in the span of 2 days at Uniden. Attendees are Ross Leahy from AVT, logistics team, spare parts, and warehouse staff. During the 2 day course, AVT
provided various exercises and examples to illustrate the functions, which in turn helped participants
gain a better understanding of the system.

Day 1: topics included are Inventory Management Preferences, creating Items, how to enable the
Inventory/location settings, monitor Bins, transfer stock.

Day 2: focused on the operational steps, transactions, Reporting and Analytics. Ross provided
simulations on the Receipting (PO/TO), Put away (Bins), stock adjustments between different
warehouses, stocktakes, picking and fulfilment of orders, reportings.

Overall, this course has provided a useful guide on the operation and maintenance of the Inventory
Management functions within Netsuite. After the training, participants are able to implement plans
and policies to optimise the performance of Warehousing & Inventory assets. The layouts between
Uniden’s current ERP system, which is Baan, and Netsuite are vastly different. However the
underlying concept remains the same, all management elements are included. Users have the
freedom to customize the settings on Netsuite to suit their needs.”  by Justin Tong, Service Manager and Product Development Manager.

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