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Taska Prosthetics is a manufacturer of prosthetic hands located in Christchurch, New Zealand. They were evaluating Business Systems to support international growth and implement operational efficiencies. The current setup consisted of Microsoft Dynamics and spreadsheets. Taska Prosthetics had plans to extend the New Zealand business’ growth into international markets including Germany, USA and Australia.

Taska researched the NetSuite partner base in New Zealand for companies in specialising in Supply Chain, ERP and Manufacturing implementations on NetSuite (Leading Cloud Based ERP for SMBs) and found Absolute Vision Technologies (AVT). They then reached out to AVT to evaluate Oracle NetSuite ERP and draft a deployment strategy for their business. The evaluation process took approximately 6 months.


AVT were chosen to implement NetSuite for the TASKA Group over other implementers after it became obvious they had excellent manufacturing experience, quickly understood the TASKA business and particular custom functionality required and had the skills to deliver in a tight timeframe. In addition their methodology of training key users before implementation began and then allowing the organisation to perform the implementation with their guidance and support was key in obtaining user buy-in and acceptance of NetSuite. This methodology allowed the Group to go-live with a far higher level of competence than would have otherwise been achieved in such a short timeframe. Post go-live support has been outstanding, with queries promptly responded to and dealt with. I would thoroughly recommend AVT for any NetSuite implementation where the organisation wants to take ownership of their ERP and extract maximum benefit from it.

Simon Boyd - TASKA Prosthetics

Simon Boyd


Taska Prosthetics

Business Needs

  • Fast growing hi-tech product company with two NZ companies and two soon to be established overseas subsidiaries.
  • Existing ERP was not going to scale easily for overseas companies, especially in relation to complex taxation and multi country trading
  • User frustration with interface of existing ERP, difficulty navigating, poor searching and reporting.
  • Users didn’t have access to real-time reporting to make day to day decisions


  • Core business management system were outdated and prone to errors
  • Processes were not integrated and require duplication of information and effort
  • Business processes were managed in silos using spreadsheets
  • Customer order were being delayed due to business silos and lack of inventory accuracy
  • Staff were unable to work and access information remotely
  • Management were unaware of “hidden” workforce or labour costs caused by inefficiencies


The main objectives of moving to NetSuite were:

  • Deploy a system scale business operations across New Zealand, Germany and Australia
  • Reduce operational costs and improve business performance
  • Reduce IT risks related to supporting and managing in-house systems
  • Reduce business risk by systemising processes adhering to recommended best practices
  • Improve Order Management, Manufacturing, Production, Quality, inventory management, stock control, warehousing and operations efficiency through systemisation of processes
  • Reduce effort to train by using role based access
  • Manage Multiple organisations and entities in one system

AVT Engagement Feedback

  • Key requirement was a partner that would meet tight timeframe (3 months) while allowing us to do most of the implementation work.
  • AVT chosen after meeting and discussing their implementation methodology.
  • Taska liked AVT’s approach to training first, then allowing customers to do the work with the support of AVT as required.
  • Implementation went better than expected. The NetSuite CSV import utility made life very easy.
  • Very few issues experienced that hadn’t been considered during project planning and training.
  • One “major” customisation (Auto lot allocation) that was scoped and delivered very well and does exactly what we need it to, saving considerable time while still giving necessary lot tracing.


Sela Chhor is a great Project Manager and kept everything on track. Others in the team, Ross Leahy, Stuti Parichha and Seira Kuroi also know their stuff! Training with Ross was excellent – some of the very best ERP training I’ve ever had.

Achievements to date

  • First monthly financial statements out within 3 days of go-live!
  • Better stock control, visibility and accuracy
  • Faster, more accurate manufacturing reporting
  • Happier users!
  • Easy set-up of German subsidiary, Australian one to be done soon
  • Inter-company trade working.

Unexpected Benefits

  • Visibility of information, very easy to drill through and across transactions.
  • Saved searches are much better than expected.
  • Dashboards are much better than expected.
  • The ability to actually see things in “real time” has been a really pleasing aspect.
  • Financial consolidations of companies much better than expected
  • Ease of customisation. First major one done being a Revision record for non-assembly inventory items
  • Workflow capabilities better than expected

AVT Engagement Methodology

AVT uses its proven implementation methodology to implement solutions. Using a structured process with clearly defined phases facilitates a successful, efficient implementation. The approach can be tailored to suit the exact requirements of each client, and is documented and agreed by all parties at the project initiation. An implementation framework reflecting respective AVT and Client roles and responsibilities can then be agreed in an informed manner through a thorough understanding of the project scope, objectives, activities and resource requirements.

A successful project requires joint responsibility from the customer and the vendor. More importantly, this joint ownership greatly enhances the Customer’s ability to manage the NetSuite application after the implementation project is completed.

Project management of the project will consist of the following phases:

Initiate: Engagement delivered and signed off by Customer.
Enable: Orientation and power user training.
Analyse: Process map business requirements and technical requirements (if needed).
Configure: System setup, process configuration and any technical development for the account.
Deploy: Process and Module testing and sign off, Data Imports, Training and Go-Live Preparation.
Go-Live: Go live assistance, transition to support, closure.

AVT is an award winning Oracle NetSuite Solution provider and is helping Taska Prosthetics to architect a cloud ERP solution using Oracle NetSuite.

Oracle NetSuite is a world leading Cloud ERP and business management platform for SMEs with over 40,000+ customers globally. AVT has over 200 customers across ANZ. More information about AVT can be found at AVT – ERP, CRM, BI, SRP & Digital Business Solutions. For Case Studies, please use AVT Case Studies links. More information about NetSuite can be found at AVT – Award-winning Oracle NetSuite Value Added Reseller.

For more information on AVT NetSuite ERP implementation, or for a Free Business Consultation, contact AVT today!

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