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AVT NetSuite Inventory Consumption Report

Leveraging Integrated Systems: The Key to Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Reporting

AVT Inventory Reporting enhances NetSuite’s Item 360 feature, providing comprehensive calculations for stock, usage, and historical consumption. Unlock improved purchasing, business reporting, and inventory management.


AVT Inventory Reporting, enhances the Item 360 reporting feature of NetSuite by providing calculations for Stock holdings, current values, usage and historical consumption including Work Order component consumption which are typically not reported on current Item 360 reporting. The report uses a combination of item data, item location data and transactions. Using saved searches, it was found that two separate variables for Location needed to be used to use Item specific data (Inventory Location) and Transaction data (Location). It was beyond the capability of the Saved Search Functionality to join this data and provide a reporting tool. AVT has developed the reporting tool to assist Purchasing and Supply chain staff to review items running low on coverage and identify high stock turn items and manage purchasing operations.

Benefits Summary:

  1. Improve purchasing operations and accuracy
  2. Improve business reporting and productivity
  3. Improve inventory movement, data insights

Features Summary:

  • Natively Written within NetSuite ERP using SuiteCloud framework
  • Integrated with Finance, GL, Inventory, Transaction reporting
  • Report on Single or multiple item/s combination
  • Provides current and 12 Months comparison on average Stock turn, consumption and coverage
  • Reporting on Location based stock and its current valuation using average cost
  • Share live link internally using chats or emails
  • Export to CSV, Excel, Print or PDF

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