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Course Overview

This is a comprehensive course designed for senior users who will have as their primary responsibility the maintenance of NetSuite Configuration and who will be the ‘go to’ person for users with broader functional issues such as form customisations, reporting guidance and potential automation.

You should be sending someone if …

  • You are embarking on a new NetSuite implementation, as having at least one project team member attend this course prior to the implementation will deliver substantial in-house capability to deal with day to day issues and questions with immediacy, and allow functional leads and external consultants to focus on the business-critical enhancements that are the goals of the NetSuite implementation; or,
  • You have had staff changes that have resulted in a new NetSuite Administrator who needs to become fully aware of the administrative functionality and capabilities of NetSuite.
  • You feel you should be taking advantage of more of the exceptional business functions of NetSuite and need the System Administrator to be one of the lead agents for this.
  • The person will emerge from this course capable of translating business needs into a NetSuite configuration that will continue to evolve in the years following the original implementation.

The attendee will be learning:

  • How to set up core aspects that provide the foundation for the full NetSuite ecosystem.
  • Establishing and maintaining users of NetSuite and those facets of NetSuite that they are permitted to use.
  • Establishment of the functional settings required to allow specialist functional teams to configure and operate those parts of NetSuite for which they are responsible.
  • Understanding the key values that underpin the financial and operational corporate structure, which is key to analysis and reporting in the live environment.
  • Learning how to use NetSuite Data import and bulk update tools which are critical during implementation and for ongoing maintenance.
  • Exploring the wide range of powerful customisation tools NetSuite provides, to assist in making it the best possible fit for the user environment.
  • Learn how to use the array of tools available to transform the mass of data into information for staff at all levels.

Leading the users through the hands-on experience, the Trainer will ensure that the participant will become well versed in the array of configuration elements of NetSuite, where they can be found, and how they should be implemented or modified on an on-going basis. The course involves five days of direction by the Trainer with extensive instructor-led assignments that will provide a practical, hands-on experience that will reinforce the knowledge gained.

Course Location

The course can be held:

  • On the client site, with a minimum of two attendees.
  • At the AVT Training facility as part of a private course with a minimum of two attendees.
  • At the AVT Training facility as part of a public course.


Each attendee will be provided with:

  • A digital Workbook to be used during the course.

Please note that users should bring their own laptops for the course; WiFi access will be provided.


  • $10,000 AUD per attendee ( Discounts are available for more than one attendee from an Organisation)

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