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We help you to project manage ERP deployments and business improvements and minimise project risks.

How to deliver an ERP project within time and budget?

What is AVT's Project Risk Management Strategy?

Every project has its risks. Taking the time to detail these upfront, and to monitor them during the implementation lifecycle will keep them visible, enabling the Client to actively manage them toward a positive outcome. The probability gives the risk context, while the impact is used to plan for the strategy that will neutralise the risk. To find out more details please request additional information from AVT.

What is AVT's Project Governance Management Strategy?

Project governance is the management framework within which project decisions are made. Project governance is a critical element of any project since the accountabilities and responsibilities associated with an organisation’s business as usual (BAU) activities are laid down in their organisational governance arrangements. The role of project governance is to provide a decision making framework that is logical, robust and repeatable to govern an organisation’s capital investments. In this way, an organisation will have a structured approach to conducting both its business as usual activities and its business change, or project activities.

What is AVT's Change Management Strategy?

In the event that the Customer or AVT requests a Change in any of the specifications, requirements, or scope.
The party seeking the change shall, by written notice, propose the applicable changes. Each party’s Project Leads shall meet, either in person or via telephone conference, to discuss the proposed changes (“Change Meeting”). The parties must mutually agree on any such changes and the changes shall be documented, in writing, and signed by both parties. In some cases, a Change Request for additional funding may be required. In the event that the parties disagree about the proposed changes to the general scope, the parties shall, within one week from the date of the Change Meeting, identify a senior manager who has decision-making authority for each of the respective parties. The managers shall confer and work to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion that shall be documented, in writing, and signed by both parties.

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