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Inventory Management

Absolute Vision Technologies NetSuite Stock Take Application is designed to make the stock management process easier.

The current stock take process in NetSuite has the following limitations

  • Inventory Adjustment worksheet does not cater for serialized inventory
  • Inventory Adjustment worksheet does not allow bulk import of items
  • Inventory Adjustment worksheet need to be saved per page
  • Currently there is a limitation of 50 item input per page.


Our Solution

  • Stock Take Process

    Enhances the scalability and performance when entering new stock in NetSuite

  • Stock Re-evaluation Process

    Allows users to perform mass stock re-evaluations

  • Stock Transfer Process

    Allows transfers of inventory to multiple locations with ease

  • Opening Stock Take Up process

    Simplifies the process of importing all the new inventories into NetSuite on a mass scale when taking over a new company

  • Disposal of Stock Process

    Simplifies the stock disposal process by supplying the current quantity on hand as a negative value to get rid of the stock. Any gains/losses from the disposal can be netted off to the inventory variance expense account

How does it work?